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Austin J. Franklin is a renowned keynote speaker, author, and leadership strategist. He is also the CEO and Co-founder of Good-Natured Life. The company was established in 2015 when he was 20 years old and a junior at Hampden-Sydney College. The mission of the company is to spread kindness, friendliness, and patience (KFP) and to uplift minds across the world.


​Drawing on his insights from consulting with many leaders, extensive research, and an exceptional educational background, Austin brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the stage. He completed Harvard Business School's prestigious pre-MBA program and earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Rollins College's Crummer Graduate School of Business.


His transformative keynote speeches have empowered thousands of leaders across the globe to make a meaningful difference in both their professional and personal lives. At 29, Austin was the keynote speaker for the Billion Dollar Roundtable (BDR) Summit Induction Ceremony. This is a prestigious group that includes many of the biggest Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies in the world. Also, he has been invited to conduct leadership trainings for numerous executives and leadership teams including those in healthcare, education, transportation, hospitality, law, construction, and government.

Recognized as a beacon of inspiration and a thought leader in his field, Austin J. Franklin has served as a three-time commencement speaker, named one of Florida Black Expo's Top 20 Under 40, and was named as a "Leader Under 40 Changing Lives" as a Community Pearls Award recipient. Franklin is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Leadership Jacksonville - Next Generation, and he actively contributes to his community by serving as an Advisory Board Member for the Johnson Family YMCA in Jacksonville, Florida.

With a media presence that spans radio and television, as well as appearances in notable publications such as CEOWORLD Magazine, Yahoo Finance, and Medium's Authority Magazine, Austin's impact and influence continues to resonate on a global scale.

In booking Austin J. Franklin as a keynote speaker, organizations can expect more than just a presentation; they can anticipate a transformative experience. His keynotes inspire positive cultural shifts, promote strategic thinking, and deliver tangible results, making him a sought-after voice for those aiming to elevate leadership, foster innovation, and drive sustained success.


The DifferenceMaker Leader


Austin's Franklin's newest book-The DifferenceMaker Leader equips the reader with five timeless ideas that inspire one to lead differently in the world.


Wake, Rise, and Smile

This is a nonfiction book for all ages. It is CONCISE! INSPIRATIONAL! POWERFUL! Austin Franklin shares four true stories and one remarkable idea that encourage us to RISE ABOVE LIFE'S DISADVANTAGES.

Literary Guide to Wake, Rise, and Smile

There is a workbook to accompany the book, Wake, Rise, and Smile.

With his dynamic presence, robust takeaways, and leadership insights, Austin J. Franklin is an exceptional choice for your organization's keynote speaker or workshop leader ...

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Austin J. Franklin | Top Keynote Speaker

Austin J. Franklin | Top Keynote Speaker

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Austin J. Franklin | Top Keynote Speaker

Austin J. Franklin | Top Keynote Speaker

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Austin J. Franklin | Top Keynote Speaker

Austin J. Franklin | Top Keynote Speaker

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What Leaders Say

about Austin Franklin's messages and publications


Carla Preston

Director of Global Corporate Procurement, Amazon

“Austin J. Franklin was incredibly inspiring. He touched on so many different elements of how to become a better leader and person. Every word of Austin's speech hit home for me. It was a palpable energy that was in the room and his message transcends time and space."


Michael Bryon

Former Head of Supplier Diversity, Walmart

“I heard an empowering speech from Austin J. Franklin. His presentation really inspired the room. It gave us all energy and lit a fire under us. I thoroughly enjoyed his message."


Geoff Guthrie

Region 2 Planning Manager, Colorado Department of Transportation

“This is my 23rd Colorado Association of Transit Agencies Conference and far and away, without equal, Austin Franklin was the most motivated, most motivational, most comprehensive, and most inspirational speaker I have heard at one of these in the past 23 instances of this.”


Dr. Jennifer Blalock

Learning & Development Manager, City of Savannah Government

"I was so excited to bring in Austin J. Franklin as our keynote speaker for our City Manager’s Emerging Leader Academy. He has an ability to take real world situations and connect them to opportunities for innovation, creativity, and collaboration. Also, he speaks in a way that exceeds any generation, brings people together, and really empowers and motivates people with very clear, achievable ways to become better leaders and change the world. His DifferenceMaker Leader program was a perfect fit. We were so delighted that he was able to join us and fit us into his busy schedule. I highly recommend Mr. Franklin as a speaker, motivator, and trainer."


Chris Campione

Owner and Attorney, Campione Law P.A.

“It was a privilege to have Mr. Franklin speak not only to me but my attorneys, supervisors, and staff. He shared a message that I am going to carry with me. The message was just as applicable to myself and the leaders, but also to the employees. Mr. Franklin was so impactful that I was in tears at one point. I was so moved and it was just an absolutely fantastic presentation.”


Virginia Hall

President and Chief Development Officer, St. Vincent's Healthcare Foundation

President, J.P. Hall Children's Charities

"I would highly recommend Mr. Austin Franklin as a keynote speaker for any event. He truly has a gift for engaging the crowd and making them think and connect with his message. All in attendance were enthralled by his presence and words. After the event ended, I had several people come up to me and say how meaningful his speech was to them. If you are looking for a speaker for your event and want someone whose message will resonate, I greatly recommend Austin Franklin."


LaShanda Dawkins, Esq.

Assistant General Manager, Human Resources, MARTA

“My team and I had an amazing time with Austin J. Franklin. His presentation was insightful, inspiring, and motivating. He showed us how we can be leaders who make a difference and how we can better serve our employees and the public at large. I am so pleased that we were able to participate in his training.”


Kirby Johnson

Attorney, Campione Law P.A.

“I have been to motivational speeches before and this was the best one I have ever been to. I enjoyed not only Mr. Franklin’s message, but also the way in which he presented the message. He made the information easy to digest and follow. The message he shared not only applies to leaders, but to everyone you come in contact with. If people apply his principles you can see individuals bettering themselves. From an overall standpoint, it was fantastic. I feel more motivated than ever. Mr. Franklin is a phenomenal speaker with a great message.”


Cherise Peters

Vice President for Enrollment Management & Retention, Clark Atlanta University

"I had the awesome pleasure of listening to Mr. Austin Franklin talk about how to be a DifferenceMaker Leader. He spoke to me in many different ways. I was so influenced by this young man. I have five new directors who are starting today and I bought each of them the DifferenceMaker Leader. I am going to place it on their desk and tell them to lead from his book. It was an awesome day and an awesome opportunity."


Sheila Cummings

Chair, Bradford County School Board

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Austin J. Franklin for any speaking engagement. He was Bradford High School's Commencement speaker and proved himself to be charismatic and engaging. Franklin captured the audience with relatable content and an inspirational message. He was successful at capturing and maintaining the attention of the student body and graduation attendees. There have been very few speeches as memorable as Austin Franklin's. His speaking abilities truly are exceptional."


Denard Ellison, MD

Otolaryngologist & Trustee Board Member, San Luis Health

"The DifferenceMaker Leader is a sensational accord of how to become a transitional leader of the 21st century. Austin Franklin's book is a captive, insightful, personal account that outlines a clear pathway to great leadership... Franklin's depiction of common life experiences is a superb venue in which the reader can personally connect with the content and seamlessly follow his blueprint in becoming better leaders and better citizens. A great text for the middle school student embarking in their first leadership role to the seasoned C-suite executive who wishes to elevate to the next level. Thought provoking, inspirational, and life-changing."


Nadia Policard

Attorney & CEO/Owner, Social Channel Marketing Group

"The DifferenceMaker Leader is an excellent resource and guide for emerging or experienced leaders to thrive no matter what industry they serve. I believe many readers will approach growth with the mindset of 'before The DifferenceMaker Leader' and 'after.' After reading this book and applying the five principles, readers will approach leadership in a whole new way, one that is effective and key to their growth. I especially loved Austin Franklin's ability to provide personal examples as to how his own 'no's' or setbacks became the seed to necessary growth. I highly recommend this book."


Dr. Dale Jones

Chancellor & Chief Academic Officer, Penn-State Wilkes-Barre

"Wake, Rise, and Smile is a brilliant, perceptive, and captivating book. Austin Franklin distinctly understands, captures, and delivers life-changing principles for everyone to live by for a highly fulfilling and successful life. His central message of rising above life's challenges while remaining good-natured is truly inspiring! Keep this book among your most treasured collections, read it again when life throws you a curve, and boost your motivation to reach new heights."


Dr. Kenyon Meadows

Radiation Oncologist, Author, Alternative Financial Medicine

"Having persevered through more than his fair share of both personal and family challenges, Austin Franklin has penned yet another inspirational 'how to' manual that is full of the insight he has used to impact thousands of people as a speaker. After reading The DifferenceMaker Leader, one will have a clear understanding of why it is critical to identify your natural strengths, how to effectively pivot from rejection to new opportunities, and most crucially, how to execute a plan of action for sustained success. Pick up a copy and get a glimpse into the mind of one of the bright young leaders of this generation."


Jackie Byrd

Former Superintendent of Lakeland Schools

"The DifferenceMaker Leader is truly an inspiration for young and older adults. As a leader of a large organization, I can see myself in each chapter. Austin Franklin was courageous to incorporate his real-life experiences for us to see the value of being persistent in our journey. This short read provided a compelling view of how life is different for many, but the same in many ways. I, too, am reminded that the score report does not define me! My purpose and hidden credentials, as described by the author, are my value and worth. Thank you, Austin Franklin, for allowing your life's journey to enhance others along the way."


Dr. Arun Garg

World-Renowned Implant Specialist, Author, CEO, and Dental Surgeon

"Great reads don't always require great length. That's the takeaway from this short gem of a book, Wake, Rise, and Smile. Its pages will fill your soul with delight as you read these simple, but profound life-affirming stories...Complete with after-story action steps, this is a must-read for anyone eager to rediscover the passion in their lives and ready to jump start their level of personal achievement and growth! Don't let others define who you are. Define yourself!"


Lakesha Burton

Assistant Chief, Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

"The DifferenceMaker Leader is full of authentic TRUTHs. It's a road map to strengthen a better you and us. The content of The DifferenceMaker Leader is rich and compacted with relevancy, practicality, and a subtle call to take personal and professional action to be a better leader...This book will undeniably challenge and charge every reader to examine the leader inside, both personally,  and professionally, ultimately causing a rippling effect of strengthening others to become DiffferenceMaker Leaders in our community."

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